пятница, ноября 25, 2005

13 days ago

13 days ago i watched a hundred lives die; i watched a window die; i watched a building blow up; i watched everything happen. first they evacuated the memories, then they closed all the doors for the last time, then they pushed the button and the crowd cheered. the building blew up and the people cheered again, and the memories came and the people started to cry. 'i'll never close that door again,' someone said, and wept like a little baby. 'i'll never be beaten in that room again,' someone else said and wept in the same manner. most of the people said things like that: i'll never this again, i'll never that again, and they cried and cried and cried. some people didnt cry or care at all though. they just stood there and laughed at the crying ones, and pointed fingers and said: ha!

четверг, ноября 24, 2005

t and a

'sex and news,' he said, 'sex and news. thats all anyones interested in anyway, and thats all anyones a fan of. sex and news, and fornication and ideas.'
'fornication and the news, sex and ideas. dig?'
he lifted his head up off the rock and then promptly dropped it again. he wasnt in the mood for lifting his head.
'sex,' he cried, 'news,' his body shaking, great big bushy tailed tears pouring out of his shaking shoulders.
'no,' he said, 'i refuse to believe it.' but his tears told another story. his tears told that he believed it. and in his heart he knew that it was true.

четверг, ноября 17, 2005

Disillusionment set unacting as cheerleaders to keep


gutsyCBS clamored for more product
artists such as Vanilla Fudgea long illness
The UK Subsa long illness
a long illnessa long illness
a long illness
a long illnessa long illness

воскресенье, ноября 13, 2005


Allo Allo Allo Allo Allo Allo
Ich Will zwei bier

Berliner, ja ja
Ich liebe

Danke goethe

I like germany again
but I don't know why
(I don't know much anyway)

среда, ноября 09, 2005

except for the aussie

so alright, how about this then: two hunchbacks are walking through the park and they run into...no forget about that, thats not whats most important. how about this then: two men with heavy limps are slouching their way through the astroplane - no, again, not the point. so lets take a little look at this, maybe this will do, maybe this will be ok: one hunchback, one lame heavy limper, and two women with lip cancer are rowing a boat through the centre of town - but what kind of rowing in the middle of town, you ask?! rowing has more to do with water and less to do with hunchbacks and midgets and diseased women, you say?! but i didnt say anything about midgets, and i certainly didnt say the women were diseased! i have to ask - are you even paying attention to what im writing down here?! are you even caring and interested?! the point is just this - dont we all feel a little bit like the hunchback and cancerous lipped and limping once a while, dont we all feel strong and brave in the face of it all?! (except of course for the aussie, you say, in his perfect isolation and anit-sociosociety! he has no need for bravery, because he refuses to admit that he too has a bit of the hunchback in him, that he too has a limp like the rest of us!)

четверг, ноября 03, 2005


freedom is bullcrap
i like dogs

dogs like me
i like three
just like God
God likes three dogs
dogs like me
does that mean God likes me
or is it just me?

Picture this

A speechless man is feeling kind of down
moving and rolling down thinking of leaving this town
cause I don't think I can get up again
bring this life to an end like any other man
try to understand what is it to fail
to fail
to fail
though I can breath and I can walk
I'm still unable to talk
my mind is only smoke
my heart is nearly broke
why is it so hard to stand
mouth to mouth
and hand in hand
Well i don't worry about you
you'll find another man
leaving me far behind
and my case is such a delicate one.

вторник, ноября 01, 2005

End and start again Mix (IC2)

Air_Le voyage de Penelope
Alex Gopher_The Child
General Electrics_Tu m'intrigues
Syd Matters_End and Start again
FC Kahuna_Hayling
Air_People in the city
Daft Punk_Around the world
The Hacker feat. Miss Kittin_Masterplan
Meinrad Jungblut_Sonnendeck
Tricky_Makes me wanna die
Gorillaz_November has come
Underworld_Born slippy Nuxx
Placebo_The bitter end

Johnathan Richman lies about it

He's got the flue
He probably won't stop bragging around
with this little accent of his
Don't get me wrong I am a lover
and, man it's pretty something..

The 21 st century