пятница, ноября 25, 2005

13 days ago

13 days ago i watched a hundred lives die; i watched a window die; i watched a building blow up; i watched everything happen. first they evacuated the memories, then they closed all the doors for the last time, then they pushed the button and the crowd cheered. the building blew up and the people cheered again, and the memories came and the people started to cry. 'i'll never close that door again,' someone said, and wept like a little baby. 'i'll never be beaten in that room again,' someone else said and wept in the same manner. most of the people said things like that: i'll never this again, i'll never that again, and they cried and cried and cried. some people didnt cry or care at all though. they just stood there and laughed at the crying ones, and pointed fingers and said: ha!

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