вторник, января 30, 2007

a winter collage

i typed in dancing frenchmen, and this is what i got , eh?
this is what the world thinks of when they think of frenchmen dancing?
on behalf of monkeys who eat cheese and soldiers who have swords, and little
girls and rats and all that i think we need a better to get along, i think we've all seen what the world can get up to when it hasnt got some kind of idea about something else, and if this is all that can work out for a way, i think that, hey, whatever, you know, but i dont think thats the best maybe

well buddy, huh? eh?

you cant squeeze juice out of a rock breaking hammer! you cant expect rivers and loads of tears from a dried up canon. i screamed but you did not hear the trees, and when i pulled over to the side of the road to roll down my window i had a breath of wind SO fresh, i had to hurl my cookies all over the shoulder. if i could have figured out the first time what shoulder i wouldnt have had to get down on my knees and look around, but as it was i was crawling, feeling around, groping in the dark - and there she was. to be perfectly honest i always knew it would work out that way - in the worst moment of tears, covered in a vomit filled parka, searching at the side of my youth for a key that didnt exist - there she would be, and you know what - there she was. holding a bag of peaches and asking me which i prefered - do you prefer peaches or pears? she asked. i couldnt answer her at first and then she tossed her hair over her shoulder, said she was finished with waiting around, her ride had arrived, and she got into a black mercedes with florida plates and drove off into the night of my first youth.

четверг, января 25, 2007

the bird or the barber

we want any one reading this blog, probably by mistake, or because of a bad link, to vote now, leave your comments, to this question:
will this blog still exist in two weeks time
or in other words,
will dostoyevsky still be trapped in outer space or can he at last return to earth?

понедельник, января 22, 2007

Scanner Darkly

{108321}{108386}What does a scanner see?
{108390}{108439}Into the head?
{108449}{108505}Down into the heart?
{108516}{108599}Does it see into me, into us?
{108603}{108655}Clearly or darkly?
{108691}{108801}I hope it sees clearly, because|I can 't any longer see into myself.
{108811}{108861}I see only murk.
{108881}{108965}I hope for everyone's sake|the scanners do better.
{108976}{109071}Because if the scanner sees only darkly,|the way I do
{109075}{109175} then I'm cursed and cursed again.
{109179}{109249}And we'll only wind up dead this way
{109253}{109398}knowing very little and getting|that little fragment wrong too.

воскресенье, января 14, 2007

All Acknowledge the Superiority of Unchangeable Wisdom to that Which is Variable

Now, no one is so egregiously silly as to ask, "-->How do you know that a life of unchangeable wisdom is preferable to one of change?"--> For that very truth about which he asks, how I know it? is unchangeably fixed in the minds of all men, and presented to their common contemplation. And the man who does not see it is like a blind man in the sun, whom it profits nothing that the splendor of its light, so clear and so near, is poured into his very eye-balls. The man, on the other hand, who sees, but shrinks from this truth, is weak in his mental vision from dwelling long among the shadows of the flesh. And thus men are driven back from their native land by the contrary blasts of evil habits, and pursue lower and less valuable objects in preference to that which they own to be more excellent and more worthy.

вторник, января 09, 2007

Under the tower

I was under the tower, didn't get ontop of it. It was raining and I was drenched to the bones. I looked at the barpapa sellers and thought it's so sweet. She's made of candy and I have a sweet-tooth. 3 hours later it was the new year with a sip of smokey irish whisky, french champagne and seventies fashion everywhere. My name : Paco Rabanne and my wife is the most extraordinary thing I can think about. I failed to be honest, I failed to be a monster, I failed to be myself, I failed to be alone. There will be a time I'll be alone and it would be six feet under, in a box with red-silk walls and a huge non-revolving door the size of a man.

воскресенье, января 07, 2007

alas, poor max, its come to this

how many men have gone down in action trying to bring this man in? how many lives destroyed by the wicked grin? who taught you to give me the kitchen knife for the sun? who taught you to feed me haggis at the point of a gun? why max? why?
i warned you, didnt i?
i told to - stay away from that tall tower, didnt i?
but you said - i like the cheese, i like the breeze at the top of the tower; i like the view, i like the people falling, one and two...
then i said - those words are meaningless, you sayd them to rhyme, but only because
and you said - thats a good reason, thats a way and a was
oh max, you silly old shoe
if only you knew...
but its too late
as all can see - max has his glasses on, and he's armed with the grin - look out, here comes max! hes ready for the next round of atrocities!

the legend lives on down under

yes, once again, the incontainable fire sparked, the lights glaring, the crowd gone wild - hot and furious seth faces the fact. hot and incontainable he lights the hearts of too many teenage girls, lost forever in the stadium of delirium on the edge of the australian shelf, on the brink of the australian night. will they ever recover? will he never learn? when we will he grow weary of these little escapades he calls ultimate wisdom? what does he know about wisdom?! he forgets to see himself in his true light, he forgets what he truly is - the rock start of wisdom, and the grocer of despair.