среда, апреля 12, 2006

Mingling with the Masses (Intro)

The innate feeling of competition that exists among we more humanish people is, to say the least, strange and compelling. At which point does one make the transition from sloshing around the milk and honey with John Citizen from next door, to smashing the poor fucker’s skull in with a shovel, that one may thrive on the nutrients contained therein? I should like to say that I, having neither smashed in skulls nor gorged myself on human cerebelli (nor, if it comes to that, made a name for myself as a man who is generous with his milk and honey), do not know. Yet I do know that some speck of this terrible urge lies dormant within my chromosomes or DNA or wherever it is that primal things lurk. At some point in my existence, it is certainly possible I shall covet my neighbour’s life. And I think I would not be accused of being terribly confused were I to say that this notion of us all having a brain-eatingly life-affirming competitive spirit is both worrying and re-assuring. Worrying, insofar as John Citizen from next door, by force of nature’s own design, is doubtless making estimates on the size of my noggin and clearing a space in his freezer; re-assuring, insofar as I’ll be damned if I don’t get him first.

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SCPP комментирует...

By the by, Gvayn, I hoofed a belated comment onto your 'banking trouble' piece. Late in the day, I know, but theses don't write themselves.

Анонимный комментирует...

a little morbid...when did you get so dark and violent?

SCPP комментирует...

Yeah, I've always been dark and violent. And handsome. Well, not so much violent but definitely handsome. With a slight limp...

But there's no real violence here, come on. It's not like I'm that normal boring ugly dude in the States who told everyone on his webpage that he was going to chop up his neighbour so he could eat her before actually doing so. No 'dangerously weird' fantasies here for me, no sir. My neighbours are far too stupid to ever bother going to the trouble of gorging myself on their grey matter. Goat meat is pretty cheap at the moment, which keeps me going, and I heard on 774 this morning that a truck carrying pigs overturned on Marnies Road, so there should be a few cheap pork cuts around in the next week or two. Just as well, cos what with the Easter break and all, it's not like I'm cashed up or anything. Far from it. It's goat meat and crash-damaged swine from here to eternity, my friends! Viva le pauvreté!

Now it's time for a fag, that I might reflect upon my darkness and handsomosity.

Анонимный комментирует...

handsome indeed...nice to see some things never change, ie, to hear you are still, apparently, as handsome as once upon a time.
settled in then, have we? still somking then, are we? still eat goats meat then, do we?
well and good if you should reflect on handsomeness, but dont reflect on darkness my friend! darkness doesnt reflect! if you wanna reflect, get some light! get some light things to reflect upon!
have a nice smoke though, you old world charmer; you basement alarmer; you fancy goat meat farmer for a heart of gold.