среда, мая 03, 2006

a cigarette in a japanese's garden (pour le m.)

if i tell you about science will you let me in on the little things you hide from everyone up your silky sleeves? or if science is outside your interest could i interest you in some grammar? would you like to hear about particles lost in time and phrasal verbs with no meaning?
'a cigarette,' she says like a tiger dancing on a stage with no audience.
'i mean... how? arent you worried about the smell it will make? arent you concerned for the gentle balance youve found here in your -japanese garden?'
'the time has passed,' she says, 'to think about balances and accounts and what we do or do not want - youve never listened before, why would you listen now? oh no,' she says, like a fireman going to a window that has no fire, 'no the time has passed, and whats more - i say to you: ask yourself what you want, and do the opposite; ask yourself what is right, and run for your life as far as you can from the answer. do this - you already have anyway.'

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