среда, августа 16, 2006

Reflections on Wisdom: 1

Wisdom is one of those tricky blasted concepts which shits a man to tears through force of its perfection. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you sneak up on the beggar with a garotte or drive a bulldozer at it – it always wins, simply by virtue of being wise. If I could come back to this Earth (or better yet, another, vastly improved Earth) as a trait incarnate, I would choose Wisdom. Of course, I’d probably become so peeved with my own smug sagacity that I’d end up biffing my own teeth out, but then, being Wisdom Incarnate, I’d probably be wise enough either not to be so damned wise all the time, or else I’d understand that biffing my own teeth out would serve a very useful purpose. The thought occurs that I may indeed already be Wisdom Incarnate, looking upon these barren lands with eyes that have known all, dispensing good advice as if it were mere opinion. If it comes to that, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Wisdom Incarnate is wise enough to understand that He can never understand that He is Wisdom Incarnate. Such being the case, the charitable reader will understand if we proceed from here under the quiet supposition that I am Wisdom Incarnate, albeit lacking self-awareness and a grey beard.

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scpp комментирует...

i like what youve done with the place, and i like the rainy solitude of the ballad of kikki wanga. but im waiting for part two of reflections on wisdom.

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