среда, июля 25, 2007

The Imp of the Perverse vs. the French

I asked the Frogs who run the ground floor cafe what kind of muffins they had.

'Zey are choc-berry,' one of em said, and I gave the nod for him to put one in a paper bag for me.

The other one scarfed a mouthful while cookin up me coffee, and said: 'Zey are not choc-berry. Zere iz no berry. Zey are zhust choc.'

'Just CHOC!' I roared. 'No berry! What a FUCKING GYP!'

And they both stopped what they were doing and stood there staring at me.

'Half price! Half price!' I bellowed, and whirled around and pointed at the poor old mum waiting behind me. 'You heard em! They said choc-berry, and now there's no BERRY! I'm not paying for berry when there ain't none! Half price!'

The coffee-cooker kept staring at me blankly, but the muffin-readier snatched up a muffin from the bottom of the pile.

'ZIS one has a berry!' he announced triumphantly, so I was obliged to give it close inspection.

There was indeed a berry perched on top.

'So it does,' I admitted. 'I'll take it. Half price?'

'Non,' he replied.

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Анонимный комментирует...

thats not a bad story actually. i smiled with half of my face and snorted. i liked it.
i wanted to ask you what a nuffie is?

jikajika комментирует...

A nuffy is a person who strives and consistently fails to rise above mediocrity, but doesn't let consistent failure get in the way of striving to rise above mediocrity.

I spoke to the Frogs this morning and it turns out they aren't French at all - I just have a habit of assuming anybody who speaks English with an accent is French. One was Israeli and the other was Persian Tasmanian.