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Pronoun: pro-form that substitutes for a noun/noun phrase with/without determiner. The replaced phrase is the antecedent.

Antecedent: the noun/noun phrase to which an anaphor refers in a coreference; a clause esp. when anaphor is a demonstrative.

Anaphor: instance of an expression referring to another.


in an act of pity your hands
are quietly offered, and are held at arm's
length, because they would be gentle.

Because I am not gentle my voice
is harsh, and my hands likewise. Because
I have nothing for you, and am wrong.

So it is to be wrong. To be at a loss
and unhappy, which is this loss
of one's happiness, in one who had held it.

~ R. Creeley

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max комментирует...

i like the creeley you have posted so far, for the most part; there is something worthwhile and full of belief about it in an age of artistic nihilism; if i were to taunt playfully i would say it is a little too late, historically which is unfortunate; i would also say for all its virtuosity it is lacking the one thing worth complete attention - eternity. but these are only my humble opinions, and at that, taken from a quick glance...

jikajika комментирует...


This is, after all, a voyage of discovery and not creation.

I am, after all, a historian first and foremost.

max комментирует...

a historian!
search for evidence then, my friend, historians love evidence im told. find some evidence!