понедельник, декабря 17, 2007

come here

Come slither over here to yer uncle gargrisha

And let me finger yer crystalline ribs.

Gargrisha’s got wishes for odors and kisses

And the sweet sweated arse of a kid.

A greasy little curl for a sneaky little girl –

Who’s been wriggling through scrubland and mud?

A sneaky little girl with a grotty little curl -

Dragged home on her gut to our hut.

Gargrisha’s got plans for his own naughty hands:

He’ll make them do nasty hurty things.

Like hoisting and joisting and all the while moisting:

Gargrisha sweats too when he sings.

I’ll sing you a fable while yer strapped to the table

And play you a tune on a tool.

With an armslength of cable, gargrisha’s well able

To croon about punishes and rules.

3 комментария:

max комментирует...

hmm, interesting subject matter...
cricket for kids? tales for teenagers? fairy tales for feeble minds?
nice work, though a tad local i reckon.

jikajika комментирует...

i've been in a silly mood these last few days...

but not anywhere near as silly - or as local - as i plan on getting.

max комментирует...

bring it on, do your worst