вторник, января 08, 2008


Amis de la terre et du vent
le vent, oui, qui porte loin et clair
le chant moldave, joyeux et crémeux de vos lointaine voix,

come closer

i would give you some good wine and rub your heavy back
put down this heavy bag full of dirty socks and duty free cigarettes
and sit down and tell me everything about your trip

"je suis arrivé et on m'a tout de suite demandé de manger beaucoup de fromage. Ensuite j'ai du terraformé quelques surfaces et planter des buissons. Ensuite j'ai du faire beaucoup d'autres choses. Cela induisait differents produits qui décantaient doucement au fond des buanderies et des limited services waiting room and then i spent all my money and come back"

nothing interesting then

"Si j'ai rencontré une femme très belle"


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max комментирует...

what a holiday it is to hear from this weary traveller. i cannot believe it, it must be someones birthday, or a special day. thank you for your information, it is such a treat to hear from you. if only you could do it more often.

jikajika комментирует...

hi max. hi gwain.

I just read the last 100 pages of Tom Robbins' Jitterbug Perfume in about half an hour because I had become very bored by the self-indulgent and prolix writing style (not necessarily a million miles removed from my own but anyway let us pass over that) and wanted to see if the conclusion to the novel made the whole effort of reading it worthwhile, to which I could only answer a resounding 'no', but maybe I would have answered 'yes' had I taken the time to properly read the last 100 pages.

What I want to know is:

a) Have either of you read any of Tom Robbins' other books?

And if so:

a) Are they as tediously prolix and seemingly pointless as Jitterbug Perfume?

I saw the movie version of 'Even Cowgirls Get the Blues' recently and fell asleep halfway through, bored to tears by the storyline, which seemed to conflate a whole lot of unrelated themes and symbols for no great impetus toward revelation. The effort was too much: it's been christmas; it's been new year; it's hot and dry as Satan's wit over here. The sheep are expiring in the paddocks and the chooks are carking it in the chooksheds. It's all bleached bones and melanomas in the 3 o'clock sun.

Fuck Tom Robbins; Tolstoy knew how to write an epic.

jikajika комментирует...

An epic, might I add, with lots of SNOW.


jikajika комментирует...

It's alright, boys, crisis averted. Dashed out and picked up a copy of Hyperion to see me through the next 48 hours. Dan Simmons, not John Keats.

Still, if either of you - but particularly Maxim - care to post on the merits of hallucinogens and mycotoxins, I would be very interested.

max комментирует...

i cant say ive even heard of the things you mention - tim robbins is an actor if im not mistaken...? and cowgirls...? boys dont cry? isnt that what you meant? that ive heard of.sorry pal, the thing thats rings a bell is tolstoy, but even then im hard pressed to remember exactly what hes all about. reading novels seems like a royal waste of time, and artists like self indulgence i can no longer bear. i think, though i could be mistaken, that novels are for high school kids....do you like Hesse?

jikajika комментирует...

Nah nah, Tom Robbins. He's an author. Seppo. Worth a look if yr interested in an unusual method of writing novels. I hadn't seen it before, anyway. I found his writing required a lot of generosity on behalf of the reader - but worth trying once.

Haven't brought myself to read Hesse. He's one of those writers I look on with resignation: I'm sure I'm gonna read some of his works one day, but I just can't bring myself to tackle him today. I've spent the last 3 years in a perpetual state of beginning to read The Glass Bead Game.

One of the recurrent notions in Robbins seems to be the (effects of, if not explicitly stated) use of hallucinogens to 'get closer' to the 'real essence' of... um... well, I'm not sure. Maybe the word 'Gaea' might sum it up? The spirit of the universe? Being at one with nature? All that exists? I fear I'm badly misrepresenting Robbins, but that's not what I was really interested in anyway.

I have my own strong doubts about the use of hallucinogens as a means of transcending our mortal shells, but I'm open to the notion and thought Maxim might have experimented more than either you or I. You ever used hallucinogens to get closer to God?

max комментирует...

no, but i might have used them to get closer to maxim....

Ken Kesey комментирует...

Hyperion is a great piece of baroque science fiction, loved it completely.

Gwayn, just eat a lot of ketchup and you can be closer to me than any other human being