понедельник, октября 12, 2009

The Narrator's Friend

Old-fashioned sun don't

Shine on no hyperlocal square. I

prefer the Modern Age where

We do things better ways, in

Spaceships and money banks and

Give no pause for thought of

What it really means to

Be a smart guy or

Be somebody's friend.

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jikajika комментирует...

contrary: too much to say, not enough time to say it. just fired off a book review this morning, got a couple of articles due tomorrow, will return to my half-finished evaluation of your mostly-finished pieces this coming week.

i was asked to knock up a quick verse shortly after re-reading 'banking trouble'; this is what was produced. it's not much, but i suspect you'll like it a lot more than the evaluation.


jikajika комментирует...


how come my reader is showing posts by you on 7 and 10 October but the website only shows from 3 October?

teacher комментирует...

i do like it, its awesome actually, really cool, you surprised me. as for the missing posts, i dont know....

teacher комментирует...

im sorry to suspect you didnt like banking trouble, i thought it was a pretty good ending...

jikajika комментирует...

hold horses

cross purposes

you write more complexly than first seem

bear with

have more to write about banking trouble and i must to england than expected

this will take some time

don't want to rush and misconstrue own understanding