вторник, января 25, 2011

adrenalin pumps faste rthan blood

When i was 8 i
on a brown snake’s head as he slept under the hawthorn tree which
stood on top of the hill along the fenceline.
It was hot as fuck and he stood up and said
‘boy the fuck you doing? Don’t you know it’s hot as fuck
And a brown-skinned snake is trying to get some kip?
Get outta here fore i fill yr arse with venom
that’ll kill ya dead.’
Slither slither
So being respectful of my elders and scared for my life
i did
passing, on the way, that big green water tower
(or hell knows what it’s for
that we spent so long piffing stones at gonna
break that sunovabitch open, get some
watergush over that cracked earth
(do this place a favour
instead of gorse
where there’s a smashed up old wreck of a car
(i didn’t smash it.
i smashed the one in turner’s paddock, but i had
some help
And it wasn’t my idea.
You remember Old man redback lived in that sucker in the rust
Hell knows why. Shit place to live
Bit back from the mineshaft
(the one
Hadda dead sheep at the bottom. It
Probly just fell in all of its own accord
That was across the road from the joint
Looked like texas, remember?
Cactus all over, and dry cracked earthenred
and quartz glittering in the dirt all
sparkle sparckle
it’s changed since you’llee see
Nowadays you’ll find my friend
is parched all around that
long yellow grass in tufts those
long brown snakes in grass those
sick lookin sheep down near the gully hadda helluva job
Browsing on gorse and poison blackberry
(No wonder they chuck Emselves
down mineshafts eh
We found that brown snake two weeks later he picked
the wrong fight
They done him over good and left him where he lie in
The paddock stinkin like the sheep in the mineshaft and gob all
Smashed in and Full of ants.
And back up past redback that big fuck off stand
Of cacti we hacked those fucks like it made a difference and not
Jam eh
You remember?
The harder you shred the more you sting

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