пятница, августа 12, 2011

Coming home (adrenalin/blood2)

When i was 8 i
on a brown snake’s head as he
under the hawthorn tree which
on top of the hill, along the fenceline. It was hot as fuck, and he got up and said

the fuck you doing?
Don’t you know it’s hot as fuck and a brown snake is trying to get some sleep?
Get outta here, go home Lest i fill yr arse with venom.’

slither slither

So being respectful of my elders and scared for my life i
passing, on the way,
snarls of gorse and that smashed up old wreck of a car
Old woman redback lived in that sucker in the rust we
went down to drive that car through the dust and
gorse when she
stepped out neith the dash and said

i dunno what the fuck you think yr doing
Don you know this rust will give you tetanus? besides which
I’m trying to sleep and i
Don like the way you look.’

So being afeared afore the flaking loom upon which she spun our mortal thread and
reminded of our waiting graves by the hourglass on her swollen belly we
got the hell outta that car and
passing, on the way, that
big green water tower we spent so long piffing stones at gonna
break that sunovabitch open, get some
watergush over the cracked earth, it
loomed over us and
scorned our puny lives our
stones left marks we hoped were wounds but we were
we were beaten
and took flight
hid in coffee bush, back from the mineshaft which
hadda dead sheep at the bottom. It
Probly just fell in all of its own accord, it
Probly just leaned out a little too far to
see what the hell was at the bottom of that shaft and
stank like putrid meat That was
cross the road from the joint
Looked like texas
Not like home, it had
cacti all over, and
quartz glittering
in the dry cracked earthenred all

sparkle sparckle

It’s changed since
you’ll see my friend

Nowadays you’ll find my friend is
parched all around that

long yellow grass in tufts those
long brown snakes in grass those

sickly sheep browsing in gorse and poison blackberry who
chucktemselves down mineshafts while we
fought like fiends against hordes of cacti, we
hacked their flesh to pieces like it made a difference

You remember?
The harder we swung the more we stung We
found brown snake later he
picked the Wrong Fight on the way home

They done him over good

and left him where he lie

right there in the paddock
stinkin like a sheep in a mineshaft and gob all
Smashed in and Full of ants
You remember? We were
heading home that day We
fought long and hard that day It
seemed worth it then,
but not all of us became kind-hearted men
not all of us made it home through the dusk,
yellow light of kitchen ahead
and none of us at all in the end.

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