вторник, декабря 20, 2005

driving is for buttheads

i cant drive! i dont even want to see driving! when i see people, in their little car machines, i turn my head around and look at the ground, and not at the stupid asshole car machines! i hate them! they are for little chicken brains. they are for the marginalized and the abused who like to feel power instead of life. i dont like power. i like life. i like the rain. i like the warmth of friendship. i like being with you, and i like being alone. but not power. oh no, not me.

3 комментария:

AndreyK комментирует...

Why do you think people who have car have power? Cars are very useful. It is like you have a cellular phone - you have a power of connction! The power is everywhere! ;)

Анонимный комментирует...

andreyk my ass...nice try asshole

AndreyK комментирует...

I do not need your ass :D Just wanna say every thing has a power ;)