вторник, декабря 12, 2006

welcome, welcome this is the end

welcome to the end of the blog
it has come to this
it was a long way down
but the others will come
the others have to come
cause these ones have left
and theyre gone,
they dont even care
they even dont want to care
cause theyre somewhere else
theyre somewhere there
eating cheese and living it up with their own little imaginations of what it should be like to be born on the eiffel tower.
well i got news for everyone
youre not born on the eiffel tower
and cheese can not replace the blood in your veins
there is no cheese
there is no vein
there is only the eiffel tower
there is only today
the last day
of the blog
of our friendship
of our peace of mind
and of our cheese
i repeat
there is no cheese
there is only pain
there is only memory of pain
there is only aloneness and pain
and the memory of this aloneness and pain
what a memory!
what a pain

2 комментария:

jikajika комментирует...

Pooh! Way to over-dramatise, you melodramatic dramatising overer-dramatiser.

Nugget комментирует...

...but Overer-dramatisationisticism gets us all one day or other. Wouldn't you say?