вторник, декабря 12, 2006

Well, there is something more important

than news and fornication :




oh yeah

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Анонимный комментирует...

what kind of new pain is this? what kind of new delusion? oouuuuuu! i hear across the continent,and there is nothing of the satisfaction in it, there is only the denial; open your eyes...open your eyes! wake up you! wake up! that isnt a womans breast, its your pillow; that isnt happiness, its denial! youre sleeping, and the sleep is clouding your judgement! stop licking your pillow! stop it!!

Nugget комментирует...

Ooo I must admit, my oozing SCPP, that I find this a most delectable substitution to 'news and fornication' and thank you for the lip-smacking journey.

Anonymous (hehe), maybe you should close your eyes and enjoy the ride too! So much more than a sopping pillow. Unless, indeed, you are lactose intolerant in which case I pardon my self-indulgence (for I imagine you wont pardon it for me [I certainly wouldn't if I were you]). What a victim of oozy goodness I am!

Анонимный комментирует...

dont you worry you self-indulgent wisdom taker, theres a wisconsin cheese of a wisdom ride coming your way in the next days here so just sit tight