суббота, октября 06, 2007

i think its funny that we all check into the site daily; why is that? is there nothing to do? is life boredom for you two? is this site of such high importance? does it carry messages you long to hear and so search for? or is it just boredom? and if it is actually importance, and even if its not, why are there not more posts (especially from you froideval!)? and why havent you voted froideval!

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jikajika комментирует...

This site is very important to me.

That's why I check it daily.

It is a both a source of inspiration and a wonderful motivational tool.

I have any number of ongoing projects will eventually be posted on this site.

I have just as many which will probably never be posted on this site.

And that is fine with me.

(Froideval, why haven't you voted?)