пятница, января 06, 2006

The Coolsification of Sydney Road

Started with a Porsche. A black Porsche, parked outside the cafe. Then it was the fucking cafe. Open front. Box seats. Vegan brekky. Good coffee and a troubled ride home.

More Porsches.

I cracked a girl's skull open outside a streetcorner cafe. No, I didn't, only dreamed about the consequences of dickheads whacking people and tables on my fucking bikepath.

Downtown Bendigo on a Saturday night? I wish. Old Studio 54, eh? That was a cunt of a place. So's the Spot, doorbitches and all. Go back to your own fucking suburb, mate.

'You are fucking joking me - a line outside the Retreat!'
'Oh my god, did you hear what he said?'

That son of a bitch looks like me. So does that one. Looks like it's time for a shave.

It's Coburg o'clock; Glenroy or Pascoe Vale for the homebuyers.

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AndreyK комментирует...

So what is the morality?

SCPP комментирует...

The Brunswick I left behind isn't the same Brunswick I returned to. There's too many fuckheads in this city and I want to come back to Moscow.

AndreyK комментирует...

Hm, this is a question what would you like to see in Brunswick. I think you need to try to found pleasant things and don't look at Porsches ;)

Do you think it is cool to live in moscow when many freaks have Benz 600??? :)

Анонимный комментирует...

Yeah, I love my benz

I go freaky freaky with it

I just like to touch myself with 1000 pyb bank-notes and drink borsh at the same time...

Анонимный комментирует...

i dont believe a word of it: maybe you shouldnt try to explain what youve already said. so you say it once the way you want it(the coolsification of sydney road) and then you say it again(theres too many fuckheads...), so the second time i start to wonder.
all the same nice to hear from you good soldier in a different uniform.

Анонимный комментирует...

There's a people and table free bike path that runs parallel to the rail-line.
It's not signposted that well, but I think it was constructed under the 'Avoid the stench of Coburg's wealth' council project.. or was it the 'We need side walk culture on our major entrance to the city more than we need fucken cyclists' project? Either way, the track is totally free of expensive shit and coolsie characters. The downside to the track is that it leads directly into the central business district, which has suffered a ten fold backflip into crapness compared to Sydney road since your departure to Moscow. (QV, increase in beer prices and homeless people, certain events at federation square)

I suggest you avoid the central business district.

SCPP комментирует...


(thinks about CBD)