четверг, января 26, 2006

the prairie tune

its not because of the regina pats, and its not the drive from the jaw to pense; its a nice drive, though sometimes you want the back door, if you will, sometimes you prefer the moscow - tver; or its nice to drop in on a peaceful slumbering lumsden without warning and honk your horn: though you must believe me if i say its not childish public mischief. i wish there was a way to honk my horn in lumsden, or stony plain for that matter, without upsetting the natives. geez buddy, its just an animal thing, its just an instinct for self-preservation, its just the same thing that mixes all the words up in the dyslexic's eyes EVERY day, on purpose. its just the same thing that shakes the hands in saskatoon, and worries the heart in medicine hat - its flat buddy! its all flat! its true: my dog did run away! my childhood was only dogs running away, always away! where were the dogs with the ill-tempers?! where were the jumping, biting dogs?! the ones agressive with the hatred of their previous beating owners? has it all been swallowed up by the south saskatchewan? or the north!? did it ever make it past the bend in wakamaw?

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