среда, февраля 08, 2006

Cockney Accent recquired to read this

(Where is me fuckin' hat ?)

Just stop breathin'

not completely though

you might still need some air

in the middle of a sentence.

Let me say one thing about 'Politic' because I am gonna talk more about that soon, with more energy, more passion, more envy than this special fat cunt over there. When it comes to art, I , me , modern thinker, and I won't apologize for my lack of modesty, I'm a nature masterpiece afterall, My body works fine, look, I can breathe, This man, is political, I chose not to depend on obvious understanding, I mean, If you're not able to put your mind among this shit and look at it as if you were me, so then, back off villain, you'll never understand alterity and that's why you'll die as a super-slave, listening to people talking for you, instead of you, like you're a ghost on the airwaves, your thoughts just as meaningless, don't even look at it, don't even assemble the words in your borrowed mind, you shouldn't even read that darn blog, you, die, my politic, in one word, is going on crusades against you fuckers, bottomless wheels !

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Анонимный комментирует...

thats heavy man...theres a lot of deciphering to be done...
i think you musnt forget that politics is simply one mans replacement for religion, which for another man is replaced by baltika, and another german pornography. i beg you to be more understanding, i beg you to understand that this man, who has chosen politics, needs something to live for just as desperately as you do but his natural tastes dont lead him to germany.

Анонимный комментирует...

i do agree he is a bottomless wheel though...