вторник, сентября 06, 2005


i hate the sky, i never look at it. so its just the craziest thing that yesterday i was walking along and it occured to me, just like that - im looking up there! and that was the first thing. and the second thing is really a part of the first thing, i mean, nobody talked about it, who ever talks about the sky? its just there, but who talks about it, and its the same with fall! man, it happened, and now its fall, and everybody knows it. and the thing that ties this all together, the thing that im really trying to get at is kinda like this:
yesterday i was walking along, but there was this guy standing in the middle of the sidewalk with three dogs and a stand up bass, and the thing is, even though i was coughing up a lung, and trying to make him hear me, and really hoping id get past him eventually so i could get my day started, it was then, when i was already losing heart, and thinking it just wasnt going to be fate, that i accidentally looked up - and there it was! and there was fall too! and when i looked back down the guy with the bass and the dogs was long gone and i just went to work.
so i guess my point is basically this - here's a blog, and if its not the sky or the fall, its here and i hope it becomes just as inevitable. and just as cold. only, in the heart and not the street.

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