пятница, сентября 16, 2005

The Fable of the Camel and the Bee

Once upon a time, a camel was walking through the desert. From the top of a sandy ridge, she spied a green oasis nestled at the bottom of a valley of dunes. Being a little thirsty, she trotted on down, and immediately came upon a bee.
‘Ho!’ said the camel. ‘My name is Camel.’
‘Aha!’ said the bee. ‘They call me Bee.’
‘Bee,’ said Camel. ‘Do you not agree that the notion of a green oasis nestled at the bottom of a valley of dunes in the middle of the desert is absurd?’
‘Why yes,’ said Bee. ‘Yes, I do.’
‘How then,’ said Camel, ‘can you explain the existence of this green oasis?’
Bee smiled.
‘It’s quite simple,’ she said. ‘This green oasis is merely a mechanism through which a camel and a bee can meet, talk, and demonstrate a profound truism.’
‘Ah,’ said Camel. ‘But why should we wish to demonstrate a profound truism?’
Bee smiled again. She was a very clever bee.
‘Because this is a fable,’ she said. ‘And fables always demonstrate profound truisms.’
Camel gazed at Bee in admiration.
‘You are a very clever bee,’ she said.
Bee smiled once more, and her yellow stripes flushed orange.
‘However, Bee,’ Camel continued. ‘I have no wish to be a slave to profound truisms.’
‘Why, neither do I!’ cried Bee. ‘What a strange pair we are!’
‘Yes,’ agreed Camel. ‘What say you we wander over to the shade and forget this foolish fable?’
‘A fine idea,’ said Bee.
And so they did.

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chetp. комментирует...

hmm...what are you trying to say with that?

tim комментирует...

yeah, i do not get it