пятница, сентября 16, 2005

an anti-parable

once there was a turtle and once there was a rabbit, and they didn’t have any human characteristics about them whatsoever, and they weren’t like humans. the turtle was slow, that’s for sure, and so are many people, i guess. and the rabbit was your typical sort of rabbit – he stood there, half blind, not seeing almost anything at all, and if you tried to get close to him his ears jumped right up and he figured out that you were somewhere around but he couldn’t be sure, and thats also quite human, maybe. when he was sure he ran away, pretty fast, but not like a cheetah or anything.
a ninja would have been able to sneak up on him, or a Mohican, but lets call a spade a spade – a ninja doesn’t have much business sneaking up on rabbits and Mohicans are long gone.
so the turtle, he was walking around, looking for stuff and getting scared and hiding in his turtle shell, and the rabbit was eating grass and doing whatever and you know what – sometimes I feel like that turtle; but I rarely feel like that rabbit.

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gimme a break

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yeah, come on already