вторник, сентября 27, 2005


ive got a friend and he worries me. because hes always so worried about being crazy, and going crazy, and giving off impressions that make people say, 'hey, he's pretty crazy, right?'
and i say to him: craziness is all fine and good, its ok, but you know man, i think youre very close to having something, i mean, to really being bang on - until you start talking about how crazy you are, i mean, you were so close.' and i really think that, i think he is close.
well, yesterday we were hanging out around novoslobodskaya, and we were making funny jokes, and saying things, and hanging out, and then all of a sudden there he goes, bang - man, im crazy!
and all i could say was - man, you were funny, you were witty and bang on, and then you have to screw the whole fucking thing up! crazy my ass! you are fucking crazy - i said - asshole.
and then, geez, he did get a bit weird, i mean, i dont know; some dude walked up and buddy turned around and looked at him straight in the face and screamed and then - fell down on the pavement and started frothing at the fucking mouth. then he got up and looked me in the face and said - nothing. he didnt say anything. but he freaked me out a bit. i dont know.

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Charlie B. Bear комментирует...

What was your buddy close to?

SCPP комментирует...

to having it man

Анонимный комментирует...

was he russian?