вторник, сентября 13, 2005

the bee

why does the honey bee gather honey?
of course he doesnt have a choice, of course he doesnt know why, of course. but the honey sure is sweet - he got pretty lucky.
why does the garbage man gather garbage. this guy has a choice, eh? why doesnt he gather honey? i would like to gather, but i'll bet the honey bee never says - hey, the honeys sweet! i love gathering, im just crazy about gathering honey, but man those flowers are prickly deals, there are some really prickly flowers out there.
and i'll bet at the same time that the bees dont say - god im in love with that flower, god shes just the most beautiful thing ever, god im in love - and then fall down on the ground in despair and grief and refuse to gather honey any more. and i wonder, this is the last thing - does the flower ever say - no, i dont love you, you cant gather my honey - and this would be why the bee fell down on the ground, if he thought she was really beautiful.

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