четверг, сентября 08, 2005


on the way out the door i slipped one pistol into my belt, one into my back pocket, and i cant remember where i put the third.
i crossed usiyevicha heading for the square, taking a right at first lenina, going straight on until port side, and finally turning left into peschanaya.
in the square i stopped in front of the big statue, there was a woman selling sunflower seeds and i thought, 'im all sweaty,' and i wiped my brow, and thought, ' now im gonna have to wait, nobody dies sweaty.'
then i made sure the gun in my belt was still there, reached into my back pocket and checked that one, but couldnt remember where i had put the third so decided not to worry about it.
'its better that way anyway, i didnt know where that third arm was gonna come from.'
and i sat down to wait until i was less sweaty.
i thought about three bullets meeting, but still couldnt figure out where the third was gonna come from.
it didnt matter cause i couldnt remember which pocket i had stuffed the third pistol in anyway.
i looked at the woman again, and she looked at me.
i stared at her but she wouldnt look away.
so i looked away.
by now i wasnt sweaty anymore.

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