среда, сентября 07, 2005

murder love and ben

If somebody asked me, and nobody will cause people don’t ask me things, but if they did, id have to say ben leaving was a very bad decision. Just the worst.
I don’t know how other people feel about it, but im just in the worst way about the whole thing, and not very pleased or happy.
Though lets be honest, really, he wont be any worse off without me, anyway. And maybe he’ll get some new socks, and quit smoking, and do all sorts of exercises in the morning, and go for runs. I expect he’ll also pick up a little sun, cause someone once said, out of his hearing, that the sun shines a whole lot wherever he is and next time I see him – there wont be any doubt in anyones mind: this is not me. we wont even look the same any more, though they say a leopard cant change his stripes, eh? But anyway, he’ll look really healthy.
As for me, I find I cant bring myself to wash my socks anymore, since ben left. I just keep thinking over that hole in the shoe he had, and how one time he wore a plastic bag on his foot to keep out the rain, and maybe more than one time. And now I cant wash my socks, just like that. cause I cant bring myself to wear a plastic bag, but I wont wash my socks anyway.

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