понедельник, сентября 12, 2005

today we talk flowers

I have a flower and its blue. When im not around I can see it, and I can touch it, and basically its always with me.
Its blue but it has a problem: its half normal flower and half bug eating flower, kinda like the venus fly trap. I dont really specialize in this sort of thing, I mean, im not a botanik or anything, but the reasons for it being what it is have something to do with cross insemination. Or in other words: its mother was a normal flower and its father was a fly eating flower.
And this is the gist of it, this is the real problem: it wants water and to play fair, but at the same time its dying for meat. Very literally. And because its two natures are by nature opposed, it is slowly destroying itself because it can have neither. And it’s a hard thing to watch, its really not easy. Poor flower. Its almost gone, though.

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